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ESSP Program Library

Strategic Documents

  1. NASA Strategic PlanPDF Icon PDF, 192 KB
  2. 2014 Science Plan for NASA's Science Mission Directorate
  3. Earth Science Research Program Science Focus Areas
  4. Earth Science and Applications from Space: National Imperatives for the Next Decade and Beyond (The National Academies Press, 2007)

Earth Science References


  1. NASA Science Mission Directorate Website
  2. Earth System Science Pathfinder Website


  1. US Climate Change Science Program

Applied Sciences References

  1. Not available at this time

Technology References

  1. Earth Science Technology Office (ESTO) Homepage

Data and Information Systems

  1. NASA’s Data and Information Policy  
  2. Satellite Mission Data System Requirements
  3. Airborne Mission Data System Requirements

Program Specific Documents

  1. ESSP Program Plan PDF, 18.3 MB
  2. A-Train Requirements
  1. NASA Communications Services
  2. ELV Launch Services Information Summary
  3. Information on International Space Station Resources
  4. SPD-18, Policy and Requirements for the E/PO Programs of SMD Missions
  5. The Explanatory Guide to the NASA Science Mission Directorate Educational and Public Outreach Evaluation Factors
  6. The Explanatory Guide to the NASA Science Mission Directorate Educational Merit Evaluation Factors for Student Collaboration Elements
  7. Proposal Summary Information (listing of the contents of the NSPIRES cover page)
  8. Excel version of the template tables in the AO
  • Table B3: Total Mission Cost Funding Profile Template
  • Table B5: Master Equipment List