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Earth Science at NASA

The National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA) conducts a program of breakthrough research to advance fundamental knowledge on the most important scientific questions about the global integrated Earth system. NASA continues to lead the international scientific community to advance global integrated Earth system science using space-based observations.

The research encompasses:

  • the global atmosphere;
  • the global oceans including sea ice;
  • land surfaces including snow and ice;
  • ecosystems; and
  • interactions among the atmosphere, oceans, land and ecosystems, including humans.

NASA’s goal is to understand the changing climate, its interaction with life, and how human activities affect the environment. Through partnerships with national and international agencies, NASA enables the application this understanding for the well-being of society. This document provides a descriptive inventory of NASA’s ressearch and observing activities in Earth system sceince, including climate science.

Learn about earth observing capabilities, research programs and more. Adobe PDF file - 508-compliant version to come.