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Lagrange point 1
La Nina
Cold-water conditions off the western tropical coasts of the Americas, occurring irregularly and occasionally following El Ni\xf1o conditions, caused by stiffening trade winds and regenerated fisheries, drought in the central and eastern Pacific, and rain in the western Pacific.

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Laser Altimeter
laser altimeter
Laser Altimeters
laser altimeters
Laser altimeters
Laser Altimeter
Uses a laser that transmits short pulses of infrared light and/or visible light. Photons reflected back to the spacecraft from the surface of the Earth and from the atmosphere, including the inside of clouds, will be collected in a telescope. The height measurement from the altimeter to the ocean surface is useful in various oceanographic applications. Determination of sea surface topography is useful for marine gravity determinations, seafloor bathymetry estimations, and dynamic circulation of the oceans.
Lunar Exploration Analysis Group
Low Earth Orbit
Light Detection and Ranging
An active remote sensing system that can be operated in either a profiling or scanning mode using pulses of light to illuminate the terrain.
Lasr Interferometer Space Antenna
local interstellar medium
Local Interstellar Medium|LISM|(LISM)
The Lunar Planetary Institute
Lunar Precursor Robotic Program
Concept Studies for Lunar Sortie Science Opportunities.

Concept Studies for Lunar Sortie Science Opportunities

Living With a Star