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J-Track 3D Satellite Tracking

We hope you enjoy J-Track 3-D.  It should appear in its own window and begin loading a database of hundreds of satellites. What you will see is a plot in 3-dimensions showing the position of these satellites. If you are unable to view then a JAVA upgrade could be necessary. Be sure to try the "Satellite" pull-down menu to choose which satellite you wish to view.

How to interact with JTrack-3D; it has its own menu items for View, Satellite, and Options:

Mouse Action
Shift+Click Zoom In
Ctrl + Click Zoom Out
Click on Satellite Show Trace
Click on List Show Trace
Drag Rotate in 3D

This application serves as an educational tool and may not be completely accurate due to time discrepancies in the users' browser, updates to satellite orbital data, etc; it is not an official NASA satellite tracking tool. We are currently developing an improved satellite tracker using modern browser-based technology and hope to have this available in 2012. Stay tuned!

Additional Satellite Tracking can be found on NASA SkyWatch.