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Europa SALMON-2 AO released

SMD has released final text for complete PI-led instrument investigations for a Europa mission as Appendix O of SALMON-2. The term "complete" encompasses investigation phases from project initiation, through instrument development and science operations, to scientific analysis of space based data. It is anticipated that approximately 20 proposals will be selected for seven-month, $1.25M (FY 2015) concept studies and development. At the conclusion of these studies, NASA may select approximately eight of the instrument investigations to complete Phase A and subsequent mission phases. Proposals are due October 17, 2014. For more information see Appendix O of SALMON-2 and or

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Community Announcements

2014 invitation for nominations to serve on NASA science advisory subcommittees

Due date: October 1, 2014

NASA will consider self-nominations for U.S. citizens to fill intermittent vacancies on NASA's science advisory subcommittees. Nominations must be submitted in the form of a cover email, a one-page professional resume and a one-page professional biography via email, no hard copy will be accepted. For information on qualifications and email addresses to which the nominations should be submitted please see the full text of the call.

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