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ROSES 2014 Clarifications, corrections and amendments Amendment 22: C.2 EW Step-2 due date delayed to Wednesday 06/04/2014

Description: Amendment 22: C.2 EW Step-2 due date now 11:59 pm eastern on Wednesday 06/04/2014.

The Emerging Worlds program solicits research proposals to conduct scientific investigations related to understanding the formation and early evolution of our Solar System. It covers the physics and chemistry of events and materials that are relevant to the formation of planets, satellites, and minor bodies, including dust, and to the early history of these bodies.

The due date for Step-2 proposals to C.2 Emerging Worlds has been delayed to Wednesday June 4, 2014 because of the San Diego County wildfires.
Questions concerning C.2, Emerging Worlds, may be directed to Jeff Grossman at or (202) 358-1218.


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