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ROSES 2014 Clarifications, corrections and amendments Amendment 25: Final text and new name for D.7: K2 GO1

Description: This amendment presents final text and a new name for D.7, K2 Guest Observer – Cycle 1. Mandatory Step-1 proposals are due August 8, 2014 and step-2 proposals are due September 23, 2014.

K2 Guest Observer – Cycle 1 solicits proposals for the acquisition and analysis of new scientific data from the K2 mission ( K2 repurposes the space-borne hardware and ground-based operations of the Kepler mission ( for a pointed survey of pre-determined locations along the ecliptic plane. The single, visible-wavelength instrument onboard K2 provides high-precision photometry capability, with short cadence and long cadence modes (1 minute and 30 minute exposures), and provides a powerful tool for broadband variability analyses of planetary, stellar, extragalactic and solar system sources.

Proposals to this program will be taken by a two-step process in which the Notice of Intent is replaced by a mandatory Step-1 proposal that must be submitted by an Authorized Organizational Representative. Only proposers who submit a Step-1 proposal will be eligible to submit a Step-2 (full) proposal. Potential proposers are strongly encouraged to carefully read the information about the 2-step proposal process provided in Section IV(b)(vii) of the 2014 ROSES Summary of Solicitation and Section 4 of D.7.

Step-1 proposals are due August 8, 2014 and Step-2 proposals are due September 23, 2014.

Technical questions concerning this program element may be directed to Thomas Barclay at or (650) 604-3560

Programmatic questions concerning this program element may be directed to Douglas Hudgins at or (202) 358-0988


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