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ROSES 2014 Clarifications, corrections and amendments Schedule for Hayabusa2 Participating Scientist Program, C.19 in ROSES 2014

Description: NASA intends to release ROSES-2014 C.19, the call for Participating Scientist and Sample Scientist proposals to enhance the scientific return from the Hayabusa2 mission in December 2014.

The purpose of the Hayabusa2 Participating Scientist Program is to broaden participation in the Hayabusa2 mission, augment the existing science team to include new investigations that enhance and/or complement the currently funded investigations, and maximize the contribution of the mission to the scientific understanding and future exploration of asteroids. Equally important this will increase the number of scientists supporting mission planning and execution. While a large fraction of the planned observations will be planned in advance, real-time response to a brand-new set of observations is expected to result in an ongoing requirement for significant replanning.

Additional investigators will contribute substantially to enhanced understanding of the data and to improved planning stimulated by the observations. NASA welcomes proposals from outside the U.S., but all proposals with non-U.S. participants must be compliant with the policies stated in the NASA Guidebook for Proposers. Foreign entities are generally not eligible for funding from NASA and should propose to participate on a no-exchange-of-funds basis.

NASA intends to release ROSES-2014 C.19 in December 2014.The due date for Step-2 proposals will be no less than 90 days after the release of the call. NASA anticipates that instrument scientist awards from proposals submitted to C.19 will receive funding starting in FY 2016 and the Sample Scientist awards starting with a small amount in 2017.

The NASA point of contact for this program is: Tony Carro who may be reached at or (202) 358-0349


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