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Grant Stats

ROSES Selections Data

Graphing grants

April 2015 Spreadsheet of Selection Stats by ROSES Program (XLXS)

Plot of grant statsPlots of grades vs. who gets selected

For Heliophysics selection reports by Fiscal Year please see the PDF files at the Helio Division Corner.

For up to date Charts of Planetary Science Division ROSES programs please see the PDF files at the Planetary Science Division Corner.

The links for ROSES 2010 and 2011 selections are external links to NSPIRES. If they don’t work for you please follow this procedure: go to http://nspires/ choose solicitations, then choose “Past Solicitations and Selection Dates” and then choose the year you want from the drop-down menu and click the “find” button. This will give you a list of all of the programs for that year. For each one there is a link to a unique NSPIRES page. On each NSPIRES page there is a link under “Selections” to PDF file you can download with the abstracts of the winners.


Links to Abstracts of ROSES Awards:

ROSES 2011 selections (complete)

ROSES 2010 selections (complete)

ROSES 2009 selections (complete)

ROSES 2008 selections (complete)

ROSES 2007 selections (complete)

Other Selections:

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