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Program Officers List

Scroll down the entire list below, starting with Astrophysics and moving through each Division, or jump to the Division of choice through the links at the top of the table.

Astrophysics | Earth Science | Education | Heliophysics | Planetary Science


Astrophysics Programs, Focus Area or Role Program Officer E-mail
R&A - Lead Linda Sparkelinda.s.sparke 202-358-7335
Astrophysics Data Analysis (ADAP) Debra Wallace debra.j.wallace 202-358-0917
Astrophysics Research and Analysis (APRA) Michael Garciamichael.r.garcia 202-358-1053
Particle Astrophysics Vernon Jones w.vernon.jones 202-358-0885
Fundamental Physics Vernon Jones w.vernon.jones 202-358-0885
Gamma-ray Astrophysics Stefan ImmlerStefan.M.Immler 202-358-0615
X-ray Astrophysics Louis Kaluzienski louis.j.kaluzienski 202-358-0365
Ultraviolet and Visible Astrophysics Michael Garciamichael.r.garcia 202-358-1053
Infrared, Submillimeter, and Radio Astrophysics Eric Tollestruperic.v.tollestrup 202-358-1256
Laboratory Astrophysics Glenn Wahlgrenglenn.m.wahlgren 202-358-1551
Astrophysics Theory (ATP) Keith MacGregorkeith.b.macgregor 202-358-2463
Swift Guest Investigator Michael Garciamichael.r.garcia 202-358-1053
Suzaku Guest Investigator Lou Kaluzienski louis.j.kaluzienski 202-358-0365
Fermi Guest Investigator Keith McGregorkeith.b.macgregor 202-358-2463
Kepler Mission related programs Doug Hudgins douglas.m.hudgins 202-358-0988
Nancy Grace Roman Technology Fellowships (RTF) Bill Lightsey bill.lightsey 202-306-0365
Strategic Astrophysics Technology (see 3 Technology Development for... programs below)
Technology Development for Exoplanet Missions Doug Hudgins douglas.m.hudgins 202-358-0988
Technology Development for Cosmic Origins Mario Perez mario.perez 202-358-1535
Technology Development for Physics of the Cosmos Rita Sambrunarita.m.sambruna 202-358-2166
Euclid (NASA participation) Linda Sparkelinda.s.sparke 202-358-7335
High Energy Astrophysics (Gamma Rays/X-rays) Louis Kaluzienski
Wilton Sanders
Origins of Solar Systems (OSS) Larry Petro larry.d.petro 202-358-4424

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Earth Science Programs, Focus Area or Role Program Officer E-mail
Rapid Response and Novel Research in Earth Science Diane Wicklanddiane.e.wickland 202-358-0245
Earth Science U.S. Participating Investigator (Earth Science USPI) Richard Eckmanrichard.s.eckman 202-358-2567
-- Carbon Cycle & Ecosystems (CCE) --
Carbon Cycle & Ecosystems (CCE) - Focus Area Lead Diane Wicklanddiane.e.wickland 202-358-0245
Carbon Cycle/Ecosystems Diane Wicklanddiane.e.wickland 202-358-0245
Land Cover/Land Use Change Garik Gutman garik.gutman 202-358-0276
Carbon Cycle Science Diane Wicklanddiane.e.wickland 202-358-0245
Terrestrial Ecology Diane Wicklanddiane.e.wickland 202-358-0245
Terra and Aqua Paula Bontempipaula.s.bontempi 202-358-1508
Ocean Biology and Biogeochemistry Paula Bontempipaula.s.bontempi 202-358-1508
Climate and Biological Response Woody Turnerwoody.turner 202-358-1662
Biodiversity Woody Turnerwoody.turner 202-358-1662
HyspIRI Preparatory Activities Using Existing Imagery Woody Turnerwoody.turner 202-358-1662
-- Climate Variability & Change (CVC) --
Modeling, Analysis, and Prediction David Considine david.b.considine 202-358-2277
Climate Variability & Change (CVC) - Focus Area Lead Eric Lindstrom eric.j.lindstrom 202-358-4540
Physical Oceanography Eric Lindstrom eric.j.lindstrom 202-358-4540
Ocean Surface Topography Science Team Eric Lindstrom eric.j.lindstrom 202-358-4540
Cryosphere Science Thomas Wagnerthomas.wagner 202-358-4682
ICESat-II Science Definition Team Thomas Wagnerthomas.wagner 202-358-4682
IceBridge Research Thomas Wagnerthomas.wagner 202-358-4682
Earth System Modeling David Considine david.b.considine 202-358-2277
Space Archaeology Craig Dobson craig.dobson 202-358-0254
Ocean Winds Science Team Eric Lindstrom eric.j.lindstrom 202-358-4540
Ocean Salinity Science Team Eric Lindstrom eric.j.lindstrom 202-358-4540
Science Definition Team for the CLARREO Mission Kenneth Juckskenneth.w.jucks 202-358-0476
NPP Science Team Diane Wickland diane.e.wickland 202-358-0245
Surface Water and Ocean Topography (SWOT)  Science Team Eric Lindstrom ric.j.lindstrom 202-358-4540
-- Water and Energy Cycle (WEC) --
Water and Energy Cycle (WEC) - Focus Area Lead Jared Entin jared.k.entin 202-358-0275
NASA Energy and Water Cycle Study Jared Entin jared.k.entin 202-358-0275
Terrestrial Hydrology Jared Entin jared.k.entin 202-358-0275
Atmospheric Dynamics Ramesh Kakarramesh.k.kakar 202-358-0240
Soil Moisture Active-Passive (SMAP) Science Definition Team Jared Entin jared.k.entin 202-358-0275
-- Atmospheric Composition (AC) --
Upper Atmospheric Composition Observations Kenneth Juckskenneth.w.jucks 202-358-0476
Atmospheric Composition: Aura Science Team Kenneth Jucks
Hal Maring
Atmospheric Composition Mid-latitude Airborne Cirrus Properties Experiment (MACPEX) Hal Maringhal.maring 202-358-1679
Atmospheric Composition Modeling & Analysis (ACMAP) Richard Eckmanrichard.s.eckman 202-358-2567
Atmospheric Composition: Science Advisory Group for the Glory Mission Hal Maringhal.maring 202-358-1679
Atmospheric Composition: Tropical photochemistry and Aerosol Airborne
Kenneth Juckskenneth.w.jucks 202-358-0476
Tropospheric Chemistry: Arctic Research of the Composition of the Troposphere from Aircraft and Satellites (ARCTAS) Alex Pszennyalex.pszenny 757-864-5164
Atmospheric Chemistry Modeling and Analysis David Considine david.b.considine 202-358-2277
Upper Atmosphere Research Kenneth Juckskenneth.w.jucks 202-358-0476
Atmospheric Radiation Hal Maringhal.maring 202-358-1679
OCO Science Team Kenneth Juckskenneth.w.jucks 202-358-0476
CloudSat and CALIPSO Science Team David Considine david.b.considine 202-358-2277
-- Earth Surface and Interior (ESI) --
Earth Surface and Interior (ESI) - Focus Area Lead John LaBrecquejohn.labrecque 202-358-1373
Earth Surface and Interior John LaBrecquejohn.labrecque 202-358-1373
Geodetic Imaging Craig Dobson craig.dobson 202-358-0254
Science Definition Team for the DESDynI Mission John LaBrecquejohn.labrecque 202-358-1373
Space Geodesy John LaBrecque
GRACE Science Team
john.labrecque 202-358-1373
Global Navigation Satellite System (GNSS) John LaBrecquejohn.labrecque 202-358-1373
-- Interdisciplinary Science --      
Satellite Calibration Interconsistency Studies Lucia Tsaoussi Lucia.S.Tsaoussi 202-358-4471
Interdisciplinary Research in Earth Science: Subelement 1 Tom Wagner
Eric Lindstrom
Interdisciplinary Research in Earth Science: Subelement 2 Garik Gutman garik.gutman 202-358-0276
Remote Sensing Theory Lucia Tsaoussi Lucia.S.Tsaoussi 202-358-4471
-- Weather --
Hurricane Science Ramesh Kakarramesh.k.kakar 202-358-0240
Wind Lidar Science Ramesh Kakarramesh.k.kakar 202-358-0240
Precipitation Science Ramesh Kakarramesh.k.kakar 202-358-0240
Precipitation Measurement Missions (PMM) Ramesh Kakarramesh.k.kakar 202-358-0240
Applied Science      
-- Applications --
Impacts of Climate Variability and Change on NASA Centers and Facilities Jack Kaye
Cynthia Rosenzweig
Decision Support Through Earth Science Research Results Lawrence Friedl lfriedl 202-358-1599
Applications Focus Area Lead Lucien Cox elbert.l.cox 202-358-2164
Fire Woody Turnerwoody.turner 202-358-1662
Disaster Michael Gooman
Lucien Cox
Weather, Public Health & Air Quality John Haynes jhaynes 202-358-4665
Water Resources Bradley Doornbradley.doorn 202-358-2187
Agricultural Efficiency, Ecological Forecasting Woody Turnerwoody.turner 202-358-1662
Energy Management Richard Eckmanrichard.s.eckman 757-864-5822
-- Project Offices --
SERVIR Woody Turnerwoody.turner 202-358-1662
-- Operations Manager --
Operations Manager Lucien Cox elbert.l.cox 202-358-2164
-- Cross Cutting Solutions --
Cross Cutting Solutions Lucien Cox elbert.l.cox 202-358-2164
Earth Science for Decision Making: Gulf of Mexico Region John Haynes jhaynes 202-358-4665
In-space Validation of Earth Science Technologies (InVEST) Michael Pasciuto michael.p.pasciuto 301-286-0006
High End Computing Tsengdar Leetsengdar.j.lee 202-358-0860
Airborne Science Bruce Tagg bruce.a.tagg 202-358-2890
Airborne Instrument Technology Transition Craig Dobson craig.dobson 202-358-0254
Accelerating Operational Use of Research data from the Terra, Aqua, and ACRIMSAT Satellites Tsengdar Lee
Paula Bontempi
Advanced Information Systems Technology Michael Seablom 202-358-0442
Advanced Component Technology Joe Famiglietti 301-286-1833
Instrument Incubator Parminder Ghuman parminder.s.ghuman 301-286-8001
NASA Data for Operation and Assessment (AOURD) Tsengdar Lee tsengdar.j.lee 202-358-0860
Computational Modeling Algorithms and Cyberinfrastructure Tsengdar Lee tsengdar.j.lee 202-358-0860
Advancing Collaborative Connections for Earth System Science Steve Berrick stephen.w.berrick 202-358-1757
Making Earth System Data Records for Use in Research Environments Martha Maidenmartha.e.maiden 202-358-1078
Earth System Data Records Uncertainty Analysis Martha Maidenmartha.e.maiden 202-358-1078
New Investigator Program in Earth Science Ming-Ying Weimwei 202-358-0771
Data Right and Related Issues Martha Maidenmartha.e.maiden 202-358-1078

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Education and Other Cross Division Programs, Focus Area or Role Program Officer E-mail
SMD EPO Lead Stephanie Stockmanstephanie.a.stockman 202-358-0039
Opportunities in Education and
Public Outreach for Earth
and Space Science                  
Stephanie Stockmanstephanie.a.stockman 202-358-0039
NASA Earth and Space Science Fellowship (NESSF): Earth Science Ming-Ying Weimwei 202-358-0771
NASA Earth and Space Science Fellowship (NESSF): Space Science Dolores Holland hq-nessf-Space 202-358-0734
Topical Workshops, Symposia, & Conferences Max Bernsteinmax.bernstein 202-358-0879

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Heliophysics Programs, Focus Area or Role Program Officer E-mail
R&A - Lead Arik Posner arik.posner 202-358-0727
Heliophysics Supporting Research Arik Posner arik.posner 202-358-0727
Sun and Heliosphere Arik Posner arik.posner 202-358-0727
Ionosphere-Thermosphere-MesosphereMona Kesselmona.kessel 202-358-0064
Heliophysics Technology and Instrument Development for Science Jeffrey Newmark jeffrey.newmark 202-358-0684
Heliophysics Guest Investigators:    
Open Data-Development Element William Paterson william.r.paterson 202-358-0991
Van Allen Probes/BARREL Mona Kessel mona.kessel 202-358-0064
IRIS H-GI Jeffrey Newmark jeffrey.newmark 202-358-0684
Heliophysics Grand Challenges Research Arik Posner arik.posner 202-358-1546
Heliophysics Living With a Star ScienceMadhulika Guhathakurta
Robert Leamon
Heliophysics Infrastructure and Data Environment Enhancements Jeffrey Newmark jeffrey.newmark 202-358-0684
Science Area      
Solar Jeffrey Newmark jeffrey.newmark 202-358-0684
Heliosphere Arik Posner arik.posner 202-358-0727
Magnetospheres Mona Kesselmona.kessel 202-358-0064
Ionospere - Thermosphere - Mesosphere Elsayed Talaat elsayed.r.talaat 202-358-3804
Heliophysics System Madhulika Guhathakurtamadhulika.guhathakurta 202-358-1992

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Planetary Science Programs, Focus Area or Role Program Officer E-mail
R&A - Lead Jonathan Rall jonathan.rall 202-358-0780
Emerging Worlds Jeff Grossman jeffrey.n.grossman 202-358-1218
Solar System Workings Mary Voytek mary.voytek-1 202-358-1577
Habitable Worlds Mitchell Schulte mitchell.d.schulte 202-358-2127
Planetary Data Archiving, Restoration, and Tools (PDART) Sarah Noble sarah.noble-1 202-358-2492
Lunar Data Analysis program (LDAP) Robert Fogel rfogel 202-358-2289
Solar System Observations Lindley Johnson lindley.johnson 202-358-2314
Planetary Science and Technology Through Analog Research (PSTAR) Sarah Noble
Mary Voytek
Hayabusa2 Participating Scientist (PS) Program Tony Carro anthony.carro 202-358-0349
Dawn Focused Research and Analysis Program Michael Kelley michael.s.kelley 202-358-0607
Cosmochemistry Jeffrey Grossman jeffrey.n.grossman 202-358-1218
Sample Return Laboratory Instruments and Data Analysis Jeffrey Grossman jeffrey.n.grossman 202-358-1218
Laboratory Analysis of Returned Samples (LARS) Jeffrey Grossman jeffrey.n.grossman 202-358-1218
Dawn at Vesta Participating Scientist (DAVPS) Michael Kelleymichael.s.kelley 202-358-0607
Planetary Geology and Geophysics Michael Kelleymichael.s.kelley 202-358-0607
Maven Participating Scientist Program Kelly Fast 202-358-0768
Planetary Astronomy Kelly Fast 202-358-0768
Planetary Atmospheres Kelly Fast 202-358-0768
Outer Planets Research Terry Hurfordterry.a.hurford 301-286-4249
Fellowships for Early Career Researchers Mary Voytekmary.voytek-1 202-358-1577
GRAIL Guest Scientist Program Robert Fogel rfogel 202-358-2289
Lunar Advanced Science and Exploration Research Robert Fogel, SMD rfogel 202-358-2289
Cassini Data Analysis Christina Richeychristina.r.richey 202-358-2206
Discovery/Planetary Mission Data Analysis Michael Kelley michael.s.kelley 202-358-0607
Mars Data Analysis Mitchell Schulte mitchell.d.schulte 202-358-2127
Mars Fundamental Research Mitchell Schulte mitchell.d.schulte 202-358-2127
Mars Science Lab Participating Scientist Program Michael 202-358-0307
Planetary Instrument Programs including MatISSE, PICASSO and old PIDD awards Janice Buckner janice.l.buckner 202-358-0183
Astrobiology: Exobiology and Evolutionary Biology Michael 202-358-1766
Planetary Protection Research Cassie Conleycassie.conley 202-358-3912
Astrobiology Science and Technology Instrument Development and Mission Concept Studies Michael 202-358-1766
Astrobiology Science and Technology for Exploring Planets (ASTEP) Mary Voytekmary.voytek-1 202-358-1577
In-Space Propulsion Leonard Dudzinski leonard.a.dudzinski 202-358-2553
Carl Sagan and Larry Haskin Curt Nieburcurt.niebur 202-358-0390
Planetary Major Equipment Jeffrey Grossman jeffrey.n.grossman 202-358-1218
Near Earth Object (NEO) Lindley Johnsonlindley.johnson-1 202-358-2314
Messenger Mission Participating Scientist Program Ed Grayzeckedwin.j.grayzeck 202-358-0942
Lunar Reconnaissance Orbiter (LRO) Participating Scientist Program Ed Grayzeckedwin.j.grayzeck 202-358-0942
LADEE Guest Investigator Program Sarah Noblesarah.noble-1 202-358-2492
Moon and Mars Analogue Mission Activities (MMAMA) Sarah Noblesarah.noble-1 202-358-2492
Origins of Solar Systems Christina Richeychristina.r.richey 202-358-2206
Lunar and Planetary Science U.S. Participating Investigators (USPI) Lindley Johnsonlindley.johnson-1 202-358-2314
Radioisotope Power Systems Program Leonard Dudzinski Leonard.A.Dudzinski 202-358-2553

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