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NAC Planetary Protection Subcommittee

The Planetary Protection Subcommittee (PPS) is a standing subcommittee of the NASA Advisory Council's Science Committee, which supports the advisory needs of the Administrator, the Science Mission Directorate (SMD), SMD's Planetary Science Division, NASA's Planetary Protection Officer, and other NASA Mission Directorates as required.  The scope of the PPS includes programs, policies, plans, hazard identification and risk assessment, and other matters pertinent to the Agency's responsibilities for biological planetary protection. This scope includes consideration of NASA planetary protection policy documents, implementation plans, and organization. The subcommittee will review and recommend appropriate planetary protection categorizations for all bodies of the solar system to which spacecraft will be sent. The scope also includes the development of near-term enabling technologies, systems, and capabilities, as well as developments with the potential to provide long-term improvements in future operational systems to support planetary protection. Outside the scope of the Subcommittee's responsibilities are issues that pertain solely to the quality and interpretation of scientific experiments and data in support of solar system exploration.

Robert E. Lindberg, Jr.,
University of Virginia
Amy P. Kaminski
Exec. Secretary
NASA Headquarters – Senior Policy Advisor
Penny Boston New Mexico Tech - Department of Earth and Environmental Science
Colleen Cavanaugh Harvard University - Biological Laboratories
Peter Doran Louisiana State University - John Franks Chair of Geology and Geophysics
Joanne Gabrynowicz University of Mississippi - School of Law
Jon D. Miller Michigan State University - John A. Hannah Professor of Integrative Studies
John Rummel East Carolina University - Institute for Coastal Science and Policy

Agency Representatives

Kelvin Coleman Federal Aviation Administration (FAA)
Dale W. Griffin U.S. Geological Survey Environmental/Public Health Microbiologist
Victoria Hipkin Canadian Space Agency (CSA)
Gerhard Kminek European Space Agency (ESA)
Gerhard Schwehm European Space Agency (ESA)
Vigdor Teplitz State Department
Michel Viso Centre National d'Études Spatiales (CNES)

NASA Planetary Protection Officer

Cassie Conley NASA Headquarters - Planetary Sciences Division

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