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  • Studying the Mysteries of the Titanium Star

    Aug. 26, 1999

    When the Chandra X-ray Observatorytook its "first light" image, it wasn't looking at just another star shining in the darkness. It was watching a foundry distribute its wares to the rest of the galaxy.

  • Solar Activity Heats Up

    Aug. 31, 1999

    A series of major solar flares and a coronal mass ejection this past weekend could trigger geomagnetic storms and auroral displays visible at high latitudes.

  • Through the Looking Glass

    May 14, 1999

    NASA's Hubble Space Telescope has discovered exotic rings, arcs and crosses that are optical mirages produced by gigantic gravitational lenses in deep space.

  • Coach-class tickets for space?

    April 7, 1999

    Scientists discuss new ideas in high-performance, low-cost space transportation

  • Leonids on the Moon

    Nov. 3, 1999

    When the Leonid meteor shower strikes on November 18, Earth won't be the only place in the cross hairs. The Moonwill also pass very close to the debris stream of comet Tempel-Tuttle. Leonid meteorite impacts on The Moonmight be visible from Earth and provide a means for long-distance lunar prospecting.

  • A Surprise November Meteor Shower?

    Nov. 5, 1999

    On November 11, 1999 Earth will pass close to the orbit of newly-discovered Comet LINEAR C/1999J3. The result could be a new meteor shower -- the Linearids. This article includes tips for visual and ham radio observing.

  • A Swift Look at the Biggest Explosions in the Universe

    Oct. 29, 1999

    Spurred by the thousands of Gamma-ray Burstsrecorded over the last three decades, NASA is planning missions dedicated to discovering the causes of what had been an oddity and now has become a primary mystery in astronomy.

  • Meteor balloon set for launch

    April 9, 1999

    This weekend scientists will launch a weather balloon designed to capture meteoroids in the stratosphere. The flight will be broadcast live on the web from a video camera carried aloft to 100,000 ft.

  • A Leonid on the Moon?

    Nov. 22, 1999

    The first recorded impact of a meteorite on The Moonmay have been captured on video during the 1999 Leonids meteor storm. Astronomers call for confirming data.

  • Students to learn what's hot at Earth Day celebration

    April 21, 1999

    Open house at Global Hydrology and Climate Center on April 22 will have 5th graders learning from 2nd graders and everyone learning something new about planet Earth.