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  • Answer to Gamma-ray Burstsremains elusive

    April 5, 1999

    Eight years ago today NASA launched the Compton Gamma Ray Observatory. While the CGRO has revolutionized our understanding of cosmic gamma ray bursts, these distant explosions remain one of the biggest mysteries of modern astrophysics.

  • Scientists drawn to midday darkness near Transylvania

    Aug. 10, 1999

    Serious eclipse science is planned near home of legendary monster.

  • Riding the Highways of Light

    April 16, 1999

    Science mimics science fiction as a Rensselaer Professor builds and tests a working model flying disc. The disc, or "Lightcraft," is an early prototype for Earth-friendly spacecraft of the future.

  • Amateur astronomers target Lunar Prospector

    July 30, 1999

    While professionals watch for a nearly transparent cloud of water vapor, amateurs will monitor the Moon's south pole for visible signs of Lunar Prospector's crash.

  • Learning how to diagnose bad flying weather

    June 8, 1999

    Scientists discuss what they know about lightning's effects on spacecraft and aircraft.

  • A Whale of A Full Moon

    Dec. 19, 1999

    A bigger, brighter Moon will herald the beginning of northern winter on Dec. 22, 1999 as lunar perigee, the winter solstice, and the full Moon all happen within a 10 hour period.

  • Once in a Blue Moon

    Feb. 26, 1999

    As February winds down with no full moon at all, sky watchers are looking forward to two full moons in March and the second Blue Moon of 1999.

  • Scientists Present 1998 Earth-Temperature Trends

    Jan. 12, 1999

    An updated 20-year trend in atmospheric temperatures is unveiled at 1999 American Meteorological Society Meeting this week. These new results are corrected for orbital decay and drift of the nine satellites used to obtain the temperature measurements.

  • Just Passing By Earth

    Aug. 18, 1999

    The Cassini spacecraft has completed a highly accurate flyby of Earth, giving the spacecraft a velocity boost for its journey to distant Saturn.

  • If it Rains in the Pacific Will Kansas Have a Drought?

    Aug. 24, 1999

    Who cares if it rains and the fish get wet? A Pacific Ocean rainfall experiment will have implications for global weather studies.