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  • Listening to Leonids

    Nov. 26, 2001

    For centuries scientists have regarded reports of sounds from Meteorswith skepticism. Yet earlier this month plenty of sky watchers heard strange hissing and sizzling noises during the Leonid meteor storm.

  • What Lies Beneath a Sunspot

    Nov. 7, 2001

    Awesome plasma hurricanes were one of the surprises revealed when scientists recently peered beneath the stormy surface of our star.

  • A New Look for the New Year

    Jan. 3, 2001

    The Science@NASA home page has a new look and we're pleased to offer a host of new services as well, including Spanish-language science stories ... and more!

  • Energy from a Black Hole

    Oct. 23, 2001

    There are plenty of Black Holesthat gobble energy. Now astronomers have spotted one in a distant galaxy that's giving some of its energy back.

  • The Solar Wind at Mars

    Jan. 31, 2001

    Scientists think Mars once had a thicker atmosphere than it does today, perhaps even comparable to Earth's. But where did all that Martian air go? New evidence from NASA's Mars Global Surveyor spacecraft supports a long-held suspicion that much of the Red Planet's atmosphere was simply blown away -- by the solar wind.

  • Mars, Ho!

    Oct. 18, 2001

    NASA's 2001 Mars Odyssey probe is poised to enter orbit around the Red Planet. The spacecraft is on a mission to seek out evidence of Martian water and to explore the planet's radiation environment.

  • A New Comet

    Aug. 24, 2001

    Last weekend an amateur astronomer peered through his telescope and found a new comet the old-fashioned way -- by looking!

  • Apocalypse Then

    Feb. 23, 2001

    A violent collision with a space rock, like the one that doomed the dinosaurs, may have also caused our planet's greatest mass extinction 250 million years ago.

  • Desert Dust Kills Florida Fish

    Aug. 30, 2001

    New research links huge African dust clouds with red tides that kill millions of fish along the Florida coast each year.

  • Smoke Sentry in Space

    Aug. 21, 2001

    In the past firefighters looked toward the sky for relief from relentless wildfires, wishing for rain or perhaps a cool breeze. Now there's a different kind of aid beaming down from the heavens.