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  • Precocious Earth

    Jan. 17, 2001

    Tiny zircon crystals found in ancient stream deposits suggest that Earth harbored continents and liquid water remarkably soon after our planet formed.

  • Life as We Didn't Know It

    April 13, 2001

    Biologists always thought life required the Sun's energy, until they found an ecosystem that thrives in complete darkness.

  • Earth at Perihelion

    Jan. 4, 2001

    This morning at 5 o'clock Eastern Standard time Earth made its annual closest approach to the Sun -- an event astronomers call perihelion.

  • Earth Songs

    Jan. 19, 2001

    If humans had radio antennas instead of ears, we would hear a remarkable symphony of strange noises coming from our own planet.

  • Jaw-dropping Leonids

    Nov. 8, 2001

    On Sunday morning, Nov. 18, 2001, sky watchers somewhere will see a dazzling storm of Leonid meteors. Read this story and find out how you can be one of them.

  • It's Not Over Yet!

    Feb. 14, 2001

    Following one of the softest planetary landings ever, ground controllers have decided to extend the NEAR mission and gather unique data from the very surface of asteroid Eros.

  • The Perfect Dust Storm Strikes Mars

    Oct. 11, 2001

    Three months after it began, an awesome global dust storm on Mars is waning. Two NASA spacecraft have captured dazzling images of the planetary tempest.

  • Mobile Homes for Microbes

    June 18, 2001

    African dust that crosses the Atlantic Ocean and brings beautiful sunsets to Florida also carries potentially harmful bacteria and fungi, a new study shows.

  • Beam it Down, Scotty!

    March 23, 2001

    Solar Powercollected in space and beamed to Earth could be an environmentally friendly solution to our planet's growing energy problems.

  • Where LightningStrikes

    Dec. 5, 2001

    New maps from orbiting sensors that can detect flashes of Lightningeven during the daytime reveal where on Earth the powerful bolts will most likely strike.