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  • A Supernova Sheds Light on Dark Energy

    April 3, 2001

    A discovery by astronomers using the Hubble Space Telescope supports the notion that the Universe is filled with a mysterious form of energy pushing galaxies apart at an ever-increasing rate.

  • Bizarre Boiling

    Sept. 7, 2001

    Watching liquids boil in low gravity is an out-of-this-world experience. The strangely turbulent liquids have plenty of entertainment value, and they're teaching scientists some important Physicslessons, too.

  • Dashing through the Snows of Io

    Oct. 15, 2001

    Today, NASA's Galileo spacecraft is heading for its closest-ever flyby of Jupiter's moon Io -- an alien world where fiery volcanoes belch sulfurous snow.

  • Global Warming on Mars

    Feb. 9, 2001

    Artificial greenhouse gases that are bad news on Earth could provide the means to make Mars a more comfortable place for humans to live.

  • Floating Fertility

    Nov. 21, 2001

    Researchers have found that gravity -- either too much or too little of it -- affects the behavior of sperm in puzzling ways.

  • A Disco Ball in Space

    Oct. 9, 2001

    Students and scientists are teaming up for a far-out experiment to monitor the outer reaches of Earth's atmosphere.

  • Space Bones

    Oct. 1, 2001

    Weightlessness sure looks like a lot of fun, but prolonged exposure of Astronautsto zero-G can have some negative side effects -- like the weakening of human bones!

  • 'tis the Season for Auroras

    Oct. 26, 2001

    Lately, sky watchers have been enjoying plenty of Northern Lights. Indeed, say researchers, autumn is a good time to spot auroras. But why? Read this story and find out.

  • After Three Strikes, Is La Nina Out?

    March 6, 2001

    La Nina-like conditions that have persisted in the Pacific Ocean for three years might finally subside this Fall.

  • Cannibal Coronal Mass Ejections

    March 27, 2001

    Fast-moving solar eruptions that overtake and devour their slower-moving kin can trigger long-lasting geomagnetic storms when they strike Earth's magnetosphere.