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  • The Lure of Hematite

    March 28, 2001

    On rusty-red Mars, a curious deposit of gray-colored hematite (a mineral cousin of common household rust) could hold the key to the mystery of elusive Martian water.

  • Weekend Fireballs

    Dec. 3, 2001

    This weekend a flurry of sensational fireballs startled onlookers in western Europe and parts of the United States. What were the vivid lights? Read this story and find out.

  • Good Vibrations

    Nov. 2, 2001

    A new and unorthodox treatment under study by NASA-funded doctors could reverse bone loss experienced by Astronautsin space.

  • Halley's Comet Returns ... in Bits and Pieces

    Oct. 17, 2001

    The annual Orionid meteor shower peaks this weekend on October 21st. Sky watchers will see as many as 20 fast shooting stars each hour -- each one a tiny piece of Halley's Comet.

  • Weird Geminids

    Dec. 7, 2001

    What are the Geminid meteors? Scientists aren't sure. Perhaps chips off an exotic asteroid or dust from an extinct comet. In either case, they'll soon be here.

  • Comet Borrelly Revealed

    Sept. 25, 2001

    Against all odds, NASA's Deep Space 1not only survived its daring encounter with Comet Borrelly but also returned stunning pictures of the comet's hidden nucleus.

  • Earth's Invisible Magnetic Tail

    Jan. 25, 2001

    The first global views of our planet's magnetosphere, captured by NASA's IMAGE spacecraft, reveal a curious plasma tail that stretches toward the Sun.

  • Home, Space Home

    March 14, 2001

    On the ground, the International Space Stationwould be an odd looking building -- but space is an odd place to live! Find out how space weather, orbital free fall, and the Space Shuttle's payload bay shapes the architecture of the ISS.

  • Bright Asteroid

    Dec. 14, 2001

    A big and bright near-Earth asteroid will glide by our planet on Dec. 16th within easy range of powerful radars and backyard telescopes.

  • Sweet Meteorites

    Dec. 20, 2001

    A NASA scientist has discovered sugar and several related organic compounds in two meteorites -- providing new evidence that the building blocks of life on Earth might have come from outer space.