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  • March 31, 2010

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    March 31, 2010

  • How do Photovoltaics Work?

    Aug. 6, 2008

  • Deep Space 1: The Archeology Mission

    Dec. 20, 2002

    One year ago this week, NASA ground controllers deactivated Deep Space 1. The craft is asleep now, but perhaps it has one more contribution to make ... to the field of archeology in the next millennium.

  • Space Scents

    Dec. 18, 2002

    Researchers hunting for new and profitable fragrances have discovered that roses in Earth orbit don't smell the same as they do on Earth. Soon a pair of flowers will blast off on board the Space Shuttlewhere they will participate in the continuing search for exotic space scents.

  • Breathtaking Saturn

    Dec. 13, 2002

    On Dec. 17, 2002, Earth and Saturn will have their closest encounter in nearly 30 years.

  • A Teacher in Space

    Dec. 12, 2002

    NASA Administrator Sean O'Keefe announced today that elementary school teacher Barbara Morgan will visit the International Space Stationin 2003.

  • Meteorsfrom the Twilight Zone

    Dec. 9, 2002

    The Geminid meteor shower, which peaks this year on Saturday morning, Dec. 14th, has begun. These Meteorscome from a curious object--a "Twilight Zone" cross between a comet and an asteroid--called 3220 Phaethon.

  • City-swallowing Sand Dunes

    Dec. 6, 2002

    NASA-supported researchers are studying the complex Physicsof migrating sand dunes--a grave concern in nations where the relentless advance of desert dunes is a serious threat to habitation and agriculture.

  • Confounded by Coffee

    Dec. 4, 2002

    Here's something to ponder over your next cup of joe: the Physicsof a humble bag of coffee grounds still holds surprises for scientists.