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  • Tractors, Satellites, and Pickup Trucks

    Feb. 28, 2002

    The tools of agriculture are changing as growers experiment with new space-age techniques called "precision farming."

  • Big Moonshine

    Feb. 26, 2002

    Not all full Moons are alike. This week's will be the brightest of 2002 -- but will anyone notice?

  • A Mystery in the Galactic Center

    Feb. 21, 2002

    Astronomers have learned that the center of our Milky Way galaxy harbors a long-sought black hole. But the finding has raised even more questions than before.

  • Vanishing Saturn

    Feb. 19, 2002

    The ringed planet will vanish behind Earth's moon on Wednesday, Feb. 20th. Some astronomers will be watching carefully for the faint glow of Saturn's "lost ring."

  • Patches for a Broken Heart

    Feb. 14, 2002

    Researchers using a space-age device called a bioreactor have grown patches of heart tissue that beat and respond much like a real human heart.

  • The Real Lord of the Rings

    Feb. 12, 2002

    Four hundred years after they were discovered, Saturn's breath-taking rings remain a mystery

  • The First Starlight

    Feb. 8, 2002

    By peering through a giant cosmic lens, scientists have found some of the first-born stars in our Universe.

  • The Biggest Explosions in the Solar System

    Feb. 6, 2002

    NASA's HESSI spacecraft aims to unravel an explosive mystery: the origin of solar flares.

  • Annihilating Anthrax

    Feb. 1, 2002

    Research aimed at building better greenhouses in space has led to a device that attacks and destroys airborne pathogens -- like Anthrax.

  • The Great Dying

    Jan. 28, 2002

    250 million years ago something unknown wiped out most life on our planet. Now scientists are finding buried clues to the mystery inside tiny capsules of cosmic gas.