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  • Cell Wars

    Jan. 23, 2002

    Immune cells vs. invaders: it's a war going on in every healthy human body. When the combatants travel to space, say NASA scientists, curious things happen...

  • The Resurgent Sun

    Jan. 18, 2002

    Evidence is mounting that some solar cycles are doubled-peaked. The ongoing solar maximum may itself be a double -- and the second peak has arrived.

  • Easing off the (Greenhouse) Gas

    Jan. 15, 2002

    Greenhouse gases are still accumulating in Earth's atmosphere, but more slowly than before, say NASA-funded researchers.

  • Voyage of the Nano-Surgeons

    Jan. 15, 2002

    NASA-funded scientists are crafting microscopic vessels that can venture into the human body and repair problems, one cell at a time.

  • In Search of E.T.'s Breath

    Jan. 10, 2002

    Astronomers are discovering new worlds outside our solar system at a dizzying pace. Do any of them harbor alien life? No one knows, yet...

  • The Edge of Sunshine

    Jan. 8, 2002

    Solar energy is an abundant source of power for spacecraft navigating the inner solar system. But how far away from our star can photovoltaics work?

  • Bionic Eyes

    Jan. 3, 2002

    Using space technology, scientists have developed extraordinary ceramic photocells that could repair malfunctioning human eyes.