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  • Deep Space 1: The Archeology Mission

    Dec. 20, 2002

    One year ago this week, NASA ground controllers deactivated Deep Space 1. The craft is asleep now, but perhaps it has one more contribution to make ... to the field of archeology in the next millennium.

  • A Teacher in Space

    Dec. 12, 2002

    NASA Administrator Sean O'Keefe announced today that elementary school teacher Barbara Morgan will visit the International Space Stationin 2003.

  • Sowing Seeds in a Magnetic Field

    May 15, 2002

    Scientists hope that an unusual experiment slated for launch on the Space Shuttlethis summer will reveal how plants know up from down.

  • A Mystery in the Galactic Center

    Feb. 21, 2002

    Astronomers have learned that the center of our Milky Way galaxy harbors a long-sought black hole. But the finding has raised even more questions than before.

  • Puzzling X-rays from Jupiter

    March 7, 2002

    Astronomers using the Chandra X-ray Observatoryhave spotted a mysterious pulsing x-ray beacon near the north pole of the giant planet.

  • Mystery Object Orbits Earth

    Sept. 20, 2002

    A puzzling object just discovered in orbit around Earth might be an Apollo rocket on a fantastic journey through the solar system.

  • Earthshine

    April 12, 2002

    Northern spring is the best time to spot one of the loveliest sights in the heavens: Earthlight reflected from the Moon.

  • Super Spaceships

    Sept. 16, 2002

    Imagine a "holistic spaceship" that behaves eerily alive--even telling you when it feels bad; that travels much faster and weighs much less than ordinary spacecraft; that scientists will design molecule-by-molecule. NASA researchers say it's not so far-fetched!

  • Houston, are we there yet?

    Sept. 9, 2002

    This month Science@NASA is publishing a series of stories about the technology of space exploration. Today's installment, the second, is about the engines that will propel our future spacecraft.

  • Amazing Magnetic Fluids

    Aug. 23, 2002

    Astronautsonboard the International Space Stationare studying strange fluids that might one day flow in the veins of Robotsand help buildings resist earthquakes.