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  • A Black Box for People

    April 7, 2004

    Developed by NASA for astronauts, a mouse-sized device called "the CPOD" does for people what black boxes do for airplanes.

  • A New Form of Matter: II

    Feb. 12, 2004

    NASA-supported researchers have discovered a weird new phase of matter called fermionic condensates.

  • Bacterial Integrated Circuits

    June 10, 2004

    By interfacing bacteria to silicon chips, NASA-supported researchers have created a device that can sense almost anything.

  • In Search of Gravitomagnetism

    April 20, 2004

    Gravity Probe B has left Earth to measure a subtle yet long-sought force of Nature.

  • The 2004 Geminid Meteor Shower

    Dec. 6, 2004

    The best meteor shower of 2004 peaks on Dec. 13th.

  • Blinding Flashes

    Oct. 22, 2004

    Years after exposure to space radiation, many astronauts' vision becomes clouded by cataracts. Understanding why may shed light on cataracts suffered by elderly people.

  • A Gathering of Planets

    March 19, 2004

    The five brightest planets in the Solar System are gathering in the evening sky for a rare after-dark display.

  • Spooky Atomic Clocks

    Jan. 23, 2004

    NASA-funded researchers are using a spooky property of quantum mechanics called "entanglement" to improve atomic clocks--humanity's most precise way to measure time.

  • A Breeze from the Stars

    Dec. 17, 2004

    This week the Sun is in the 13th house of the zodiac, and that means Earth is getting hit by a strange breeze from beyond the solar system.

  • Morning Planets

    Sept. 9, 2004

    The morning sky this weekend is sparkling. Wake up early to see Mercury, Venus, Saturn and more.