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  • Christmas Moon

    Dec. 22, 2004

    A special full moon will brighten the nights around Christmas.

  • Keeping an Eye on Central America

    April 23, 2004

    NASA-supported researchers have developed software anyone can use to fly, video game-style, over Central America and survey its current environmental conditions.

  • Spinning Brains

    July 23, 2004

    One day, Astronautscould zip across the solar system in spinning spaceships. How will their brains adapt to life onboard a twirling home where strange "Coriolis forces" rule?

  • Resilient Rockets

    April 13, 2004

    Spacecraft and automobiles could benefit from a new NASA Technologythat protects the insides of scorching-hot engines.

  • Solar Minimum is Coming

    Oct. 18, 2004

    Something strange happened on the sun last week: all the sunspots vanished. This is a sign, say forecasters, that solar minimum is coming sooner than expected.

  • Spirit Rolls

    Jan. 15, 2004

    NASA's Mars ExplorationRover Spirit successfully drove off its lander platform and onto the soil of Mars early today.

  • Greenhouses for Mars

    Feb. 25, 2004

    When humans go to The Moonor Mars, they'll probably take plants with them. NASA-supported researchers are learning how greenhouses are going to work on other planets.

  • Spirit Hits the Sweet Spot

    Jan. 5, 2004

    NASA's Mars rover Spirit has landed just where scientists hoped it would go: inside Gusev Crater, in a vast flatland perfect for roving.

  • James Cook and the Transit of Venus

    May 28, 2004

    The best reason to watch the 2004 transit of Venus across the Sun is history.

  • Radio Storms on Jupiter

    Feb. 20, 2004

    Giant Jupiteris a source of strange-sounding radio noises. Now anyone can listen to them using a NASA-sponsored audio stream on the Internet.