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  • Giant Atmospheric Waves Sighted Over Iowa

    Oct. 11, 2007

    Last week, cameras in Iowa captured a giant atmospheric wave passing over Des Moines--see the movie in today's story. Atmospheric scientists believe these waves, called undular bores, may be more common and important than previously thought.

  • Dusty Hurricanes

    April 13, 2007

    What happens to a hurricane when it gets hit by a dust storm? This is an important question because Atlantic hurricanes are born not far from the Sahara desert. To find the answer, NASA scientists recently flew into a dusty hurricane.

  • Voyage to the Giant Asteroids

    June 15, 2007

    This summer, NASA will launch a robotic probe to visit two stange and giant asteroids--one is covered with ice while the other may have been blasted by an ancient supernova. The tales these Asteroidstell may reveal the true beginnings of our solar system.

  • Hurtling Toward Mars

    Aug. 21, 2007

    Earth and Mars are rapidly converging. Relative speed: 22,000 mph. Contrary to rumor, Mars is not about to swell to the size of a full Moon, but there is something eerie and Martian to look for in the night sky next week.

  • Moon Rocket Parachute Tests a Success

    Nov. 15, 2007

    How do you bring a 200,000-pound rocket booster back to Earth after it catapults its payload toward the moon? NASA has answered that question with a successful test of a giant "moon rocket" parachute in the Arizona desert.