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Heliophysics - Magnetosphere Topics

  • Voyager Makes an Interstellar Discovery

    2009April 6, 2011

    The solar system is passing through an interstellar cloud that Physicssays should not exist. In the Dec. 24th issue of Nature, a team of scientists reveal how NASA's Voyager spacecraft have solved the mystery.

  • Sugar in Space

    2000April 6, 2011

    Scientists have found a molecular cousin to table sugar in an interstellar molecular cloud. The discovery of this molecule in a cloud where new stars are forming means it is increasingly likely that chemical precursors to life are present in such clouds long before planets develop around the stars.

  • Interstellar Dust in the Wind

    2000April 6, 2011

    Like an excited kid hoping to snag a fly ball at a professional baseball game, NASA's Stardust spacecraft has extended its high-tech "catcher's mitt" to collect a valuable space souvenir -- a batch of interstellar dust particles.

  • Shields Up!

    2004April 6, 2011

    A stream of interstellar helium atoms almost as hot as the surface of the Sun is blowing through the solar system.

  • A Breeze from the Stars

    2004April 6, 2011

    This week the Sun is in the 13th house of the zodiac, and that means Earth is getting hit by a strange breeze from beyond the solar system.