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Heliophysics - Space Weather Topics

  • Cannibal Coronal Mass Ejections

    2001April 6, 2011

    Fast-moving solar eruptions that overtake and devour their slower-moving kin can trigger long-lasting geomagnetic storms when they strike Earth's magnetosphere.

  • The Biggest Explosions in the Solar System

    2001Sept. 20, 2011

    Scientists hope NASA's HESSI spacecraft will unravel an explosive mystery: the origin of solar flares.

  • What Lies Beneath a Sunspot

    2001April 6, 2011

    Awesome plasma hurricanes were one of the surprises revealed when scientists recently peered beneath the stormy surface of our star.

  • The Sun Does a Flip

    2001April 6, 2011

    NASA scientists who monitor the Sun say that our star's awesome magnetic field is flipping -- a sure sign that solar maximum is here.

  • Nature's Tiniest Space Junk

    2001April 6, 2011

    NASA scientists are using an experimental radar to monitor a swarm of tiny meteoroids surrounding our planet. Listen to the echoes, live!

  • NASA Spacecraft Make New Discoveries about Northern Lights

    2007April 6, 2011

    NASA's fleet of THEMIS satellites have made some surprising new discoveries about outbursts of Northern Lights and the source of their power. The discoveries include giant magnetic ropes that connect Earth to the Sun and explosions in the outskirts of Earth's magnetic field.

  • New Phenomena on the Sun

    2007April 6, 2011

    NASA has released never-before-seen images that show intense activity in an unexpected place on the sun.

  • A Breakthrough in Solar Storm Forecasting

    2007April 6, 2011

    A scientist using the Solar and Heliospheric Observatory (SOHO) has found a way to forecast solar radiation storms.

  • The Sun Rips off a Comet's Tail

    2007April 6, 2011

    Earlier this year, Comet Encke was passing a little too close to the Sun when a coronal mass ejection (CME) hit the comet and ripped off its tail. NASA's STEREO spacecraft was watching and recorded a must-see movie featured in today's story.

  • Strange Space Weatherover Africa

    2007April 6, 2011

    Scientists are converging on Ethiopia this week to discuss a new and strange form of Space Weatherover Africa.