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Microgravity Topics

  • You have to break a few (hundred) eggs to make a good crystal

    1999April 6, 2011

    Scientists find that even when conditions are ideal, nature puts protein crystal quality "on the curve." But that discovery could become a tool for choosing the best proteins for space-based studies.

  • Powerful plants have changed the world

    1999April 6, 2011

    Biologists conducting Space Shuttleexperiments may be one step closer to shedding light on the biggest power booster on the planet: a protein in green plants called Photosystem I.

  • A low-gravity "Gift for the future"

    1999April 6, 2011

    Scientists discuss results from the US MicrogravityPayload 4, which flew on the Space Shuttlelast year. Highlights include Microgravitycrystal growth experiments and low-gravity fluid dynamics.

  • NASA selects new biotechnology projects for development

    1999April 6, 2011

    Principal areas of research include protein crystal growth and cell science in microgravity.

  • Aerogel Rides Again

    1999April 6, 2011

    Aerogel will take its next ride into space on Stardust, launching this weekend. With aerogel, scientists hope to capture dust samples from comet Wild and return them to Earth. However, aerogel has many more applications, from super insulation to computing.

  • Pushing the Limits of Computer Technology

    1999April 6, 2011

    Optical computers will be much faster than today's electronic computers. Scientists at Marshall Space Flight Center are conducting space research to build components needed for the next step: hybrid electro-optic computers.

  • Spacelab joined diverse scientists and disciplines on 28 Shuttle missions

    1999April 6, 2011

    Spacelab, an integral part of science in space from 1982 through 1998, had some remarkable achievements. Scientists met at the National Academy of Sciences last week to present their - and Spacelab's - accomplishments.

  • Space Stationglovebox ready for scientists to start designing experiments

    1999April 6, 2011

    A versatile experiment facility for the International Space Stationmoved closer to flight recently with delivery of the ground-test model to NASA's Marshall Space Flight Center.

  • Materials Science101

    1999April 6, 2011

    So you're a PhD scientist or a top gun pilot, and you've just been selected to be an astronaut, and now you have to learn to be a generalist to help run experiments on the International Space Station(ISS). So it's back to school for astronaut trainees, too.

  • Nature's sugar high

    1998April 6, 2011

    Spacelab successfully crystallizes an intensely sweet protein that has 3000 times the kick of table sugar - and no calories.