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  • June's Invisible Meteors

    2000April 6, 2011

    During the next week thousands of Meteorswill streak through the sky, but don't expect to see many. They are the Arietid and zeta Perseid Meteors-- the most intense daytime meteor showers of the year. For many meteor enthusiasts, the best way to enjoy the show could be by listening to meteor echoes on a ham or common FM radio.

  • Candlestick Rocket Ship

    2003April 6, 2011

    Forget antimatter and di-lithium crystals. The next hot rocket fuel is candle wax!

  • Evil-doers beware! Space scientists are on the case...

    2003April 6, 2011

    NASA scientists have invented a new video technology that helps police track down criminals.

  • The Curious Tale of Asteroid Hermes

    2003April 6, 2011

    Asteroid Hermes has a knack for flying past Earth without anyone noticing. It's approaching our planet again this week, but this time we know it's coming.

  • A Rare Meteor Shower

    2003Sept. 20, 2011

    Earth is approaching a cometary debris stream that might trigger an unusual Antarctic meteor shower this weekend.

  • Rocks in your Gas Tank

    2003Sept. 20, 2011

    Experiments onboard the International Space Stationcould accelerate the drive toward a hydrogen-based economy.

  • Cool Fuel Cells

    2003April 6, 2011

    Fuel cells promise to be the environmentally-friendly power source of the future, but some types run too hot to be practical. NASA-funded research may have a solution.

  • Whatever happened to ... Virtual Reality?

    2004April 6, 2011

    Twenty years after the first wave of hype, VR is making a comeback in NASA laboratories.

  • Stardust Surprise

    2004April 6, 2011

    When NASA's Stardust spacecraft flew by Comet Wild 2 earlier this month, the probe saw something that surprised astronomers.

  • Electronic Nose

    2004April 6, 2011

    NASA researchers are developing an exquisitely sensitive artificial nose for space exploration.